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At Calvary Chapel Irmo, we like to say that we’re alive because we’re alive in Christ Jesus. We understand that believers have been recreated through a personal relationship with Christ Jesus and we encourage Christians to grow deeper relationships with Christ. We believe that relationships with Jesus need to be built on a strong, Biblical foundation. As a part of the Calvary Chapel movement, we teach through the Bible verse-by-verse, placing focus on God’s word rather than the words of man.


At Calvary Chapel Irmo, we make building relationships with fellow Christians a priority. Friendship is important for your walk with Christ. Having people you can be accountable to and relate with makes your relationship with God stronger. We believe this creates an atmosphere of real, genuine faith where we can worship God wholeheartedly.


As our church grows, it’s our goal to become firmly planted in our local community through outreach projects and events. 

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